Biblical parenting

As I read through the bible in 90 days once more and again, I am beginning to notice a great deal of relationships and take note as to how they start and how they end and what happens in them. Which of them please the Lord and which of them make Him angry!

As I parent in a single manner this season of my life, never imagining this to be my case it is important for me to know how to do this thing in such a way that produces healthy, happy children who are responsible and who add to society, I know it will not come by reading self help books or asking mama and daddy. First of all mama is dead, second of all.. let’s just say daddy still isn’t doing that ‘sanctified’ of a job! I just want to point out that it can be done biblically, but the only way I can do that is by reading through the entire bible taking note of the parent/child relationship and seeing the outcome of the child and what the parent did.

Now that I am on day 21 I must go back a long distance and work my way forward, while I really want to be set at the parents of Samson now and the parents of Samuel, I am set back to the very first parent ever to hit the scene… That parent is God..Parenting started in Genesis when God created the first Adam, that was God’s first son, hence, Jesus is called the second Adam, the Son of God, yet the one who did not fall into sin.

This for me is very deep because I see that even with the perfect parent, who has no flaws there can still be influences sometimes from other children of God that will cause them to sin. My children are human who descended originally from Adam, but thank God they have both chosen to become a part of the family of God by accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, yes even at the age of 4 and 6…and much more before that they were telling me they wanted to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior, however I want them to decide on their own not because I told them about it that they want to be baptized although they have told me before. I myself was baptized twice because the first time was at age 13 but I did not have a full understanding of what that meant not having parents who explained to me what that looked in biblical perspective, I was baptized again at age 18. Baptism has nothing to do with salvation by the way, it’s just logically the next step since the command from Jesus was that the 12 disciples/apostles go and make disciples of all men and baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. I am not one of those people who say; “Yes, I’m saved, I been baptized!” No I say; “I am saved and I have been baptized, if they ask about baptism.. Another story!

Well, as it relates to that first story of parenting I have been looking at what God did in it.. God created a safe place for Adam his son to live, before He made him. That was something humbling to take into account. Before God made the first Son Adam, He prepared for him a place that His son would not have to do anything but relax and be provided for, however even with there there came rules.. God gave Adam commands before He was born.. He was very specific, in parenting if we allow things to go the way they want then somehow things get off course. If we see our children getting out of line and doing things they should not and we do not correct them quickly that could be a sign of bad parenting meaning parenting that does not match the first prototype of God.. Everything may be found here in this first story but I have so many more like Rebekah and Jacob and Esau.. I am really going to love this study..
Single parenting for me has suddenly become all about learning from others, who have done it before me, either their mistakes or their success, normally if I do what they did either way I will probably get what they got..

Now it’s interesting to look at this first parent/child story. God gave the command to Adam so when the serpent came to tempt Eve, Adam was there but sin did not take place until he ate. Remember Eve the daughter was deceived. I think this is a good cue to begin to be very careful of our daughters.. To watch them all the more closely because the adversary has not stopped deceiving and watching our sons like Samson’s parents didn’t know his love for philistines came from God but that is a whole other story.. I want to get into that deeply!

But the story flows like this.. God parents perfectly, yet Adam and Eve both still fall into sin, God has to come and address their sin almost immediately and hand out consequences, if you are a parent that does not hand out consequences for disobedience you might not be following the parenting example of God. By the way even though His parenting seemed like it failed in this time, it did not.. Seth came from them and so Jesus came … the true Son! The Son who obeyed completely as we are called to. Now we no longer have Adam only as our reference point but we have Jesus living within by the power of the Holy Spirit to help us obey God every single day if we pray and ask His help.


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