Samuel’s Parenting

Today, I was floored to read about Samuel’s children.. Now I know I totally skipped Eli’s whose whole family line was cursed because he did not discipline his children and in turn he wounded up dying on the same day as they did..

The bible did not mention Eli sinning and bringing judgment on himself in any other way besides neglecting to discipline his children for their evil and wicked behavior which he knew about.. We really ought to take the discipline of our children as seriously as we take loving them, for we show that we love them by the fact that we discipline them.

When I got to Samuel though, I saw no reason why his sons should have gone the wrong way, they have the perfect example as a daddy from Samuel, I mean maybe they saw some of what Eli’s sons did and took the hint.. I don’t know what happened with these boys.. But it’s totally possible to be a great pastor, great prophet, great leader, and a horrible, terrible parent.. So it is important to know that every time we sell out to do the will of God we will still have things to deal with at home.. But wouldn’t Samuel’s story, David’s and so many others ended differently if they saw parenting as more important, ironically when the bible mentions many parenting relationships the mother is not mentioned …. Hm! Things that make you go hm!

So We look at Samuel today, the bible never says he does anything in particular wrong to make these boys wicked but as it stands he still appointed them judges and the people did not receive them. Even the people Samuel judged knew his boys wasn’t right and in turn asked for a king like the other nations.. now that’s bad news..

Lord my prayer this evening is to have grace not to screw up on this parenting thing but raise responsible lovers of You alone!


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