Son of….

Have you ever wondered why as your reading through the bible on occasion if a geneology is being given most of the time it will have this as the main words.. ex. Saul the son of Kish.. Or Seth the son of Adam.. Jesus the Son of Mary… and Joseph!

The Son of….. who did you come from, that’s very important even in bible times.. What’s in your genes?? When I read up on Saul’s father Kish I was awed, the man was wealthy, and he was known mostly for what he owned… not for his relationship with the Lord, nor His obedience… He was known for what he had.. and this was where Saul was coming from.

Looking at relationships parents have to their children I don’t honestly see where Jesse David’s dad was noted for any particular thing either but his name is yet still mentioned.. how do we explain away the … Son of theory! If you don’t think your child’s lineage has anything to do with who they turn out to be.. your wrong!


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