2nd Samuel 11:27

But the thing David did displeased the Lord…

I would like to start off by talking about David’s relationship to his earthly father Jesse, heck, I’d like to discuss Jonathan’s relationship with Saul.. there have been so many father son relationships, although even David’s mother is mentioned in scripture, I believe Jonathan’s is as well.. I wanted to talk about the king in that kid Jonathan when he went out to fight those Philistines and got victory through God without daddy’s permission.. Instead I’m stuck here tonight on…

But the thing David had done displeased the Lord.

I am a sucker for happy endings right!

But Uriah’s end was not happy.. I mean think of what happened here in this chapter.. the young man is just mentioned…. he receives a rave review..Faithful soldier, married to a beautiful woman, his father in law serves as David’s advisor…. Come on, he’s pleasing God right.. The bible never speaks of where he sins.. But David walks on a roof one day, sees his wife, gets her pregnant and boom… This man is put to death for one reason.. He would not sleep with his wife so that a hideous sin would not be revealed.. I thought this was very sad.. Because it would seem as if one of two things would happen..

Either he would read that letter David put in his hand… but he was even loyal in that.. Or Joab would somehow slip on his end and something would happen where the man would not die.. I mean David is king, but God is ultimate King right this doesn’t have to happen..
Uriah is killed.. And it looks like in every way outwardly David has gotten away, Bathsheba is done mourning her husband whom she loved and now is taken as David’s wife.. I think she had an idea of what happened at some point!
She is now the wife of the king and her husband the other good man, although not the man after God’s own heart lies dead..
Does David get away with this?? Really! No one can dare cross the man..

Well, God does.. Through Nathan! GOD is displeased.. now it’s one thing to displease man and please God, quite another to look good in the sight of man while God is displeased!
This is exactly where I am in my own personal life.. I feel as if I have done absolutely nothing wrong in the situation I think of.. And while it looks as if the perpetrator got away scott free… and there are no penalties, I’m not so naive as to think that God does not see and He will stay His hand and not make any form of judgment which I must be careful no judgment for anything else falls to me in the midst of God’s displeasure!


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