David and Absalom

Have you ever heard said to a mother who stays home with her children:
“You are not just staying home with children, your doing one of the single most important jobs in the world”

Yes, as a stay at home mom I heard it all.. I heard that I had the most holiest calling a woman could have to stay home and raise them.. and by the way it was a privilege… that was the main thing I had to understand. While there were other women around me I knew who wanted to have children and were not as fortunate as me to bore so many.. I would have had more for those who know my story they know I was fertile Mertille until I had my tubes tied.. I just had way more than I bargained for..

While I knew I was blessed I had no idea of the ramifications to be experienced if I flopped on this one.. Looking at people like Eli the priest and his sons and looking at Samuel and his sons I get a little cautious and concerned to what my by-product will be.. but I have to look these things in the face and realize that they are very real possibilities and although I could be the best parent in the world just as God was I could still miss the mark.. Lord, I sure pray I don’t though.

As I looked at the life of David and Absalom his son it shattered me..

David had already been told when God was displeased with his actions with Bathsheba that more would happen than just the death of his son to be born of her. David would have to suffer other things as well. I was amazed to see that God would give him such harsh punishments, and more than one.. But it showed me how serious what he did was to God. I know God wanted him to know He didn’t take it lightly and the sword never left his house and Absalom did sleep with David’s concubine and he did start a conspiracy before Adonijah did.. I mean David was on the run from his own son.. Wasn’t Saul enough I thought.. Really? You gon’ run from your own son.. You have got to be kidding me.. I would do a lot of things.. but run FROM my child, no indeed… I would probably lose my temper and tell them.. “I took you in this world and I will sho’ take you out!” Uh oh that’s my mama coming out!

When the end of Absalom’s life came guess what David told all his commanders.. “Don’t harm the boy. be gentle with him” David had been deceived by this boy, this boy wanted to kill him and had taken the hearts of his people and claimed his position.. all behind his back by the way.. and David says.. Be gentle to this boy.. who is by the way his enemy.. Now that’s much different than Saul his enemy.
Can we keep the story moving.. Absalom was a handsome man.. One of the most handsome in the land.. Took after his daddy.. Now  where will you find that.. Boy I believe hard for that one.. A man who is that handsome after God’s own heart.. You go David..

His son took after his, cutest of the cute, but evil.. killed his brother Amnon and now is taking his daddy’s position and trying to kill him with people behind him.. Joab David’s commander and 10 of his men disobeyed David they said he must have been out of his mind to say “be gentle with the boy” and they struck him down and here’s the kicker.. David weeps, mourns and cries loudly and does not congratulate his men for taking care of his enemy but he cried..”Oh Absalom my son that I would have died in your place” In the bitter end I think he regretted more seriously that mistake he had made with Bathsheba and Uriah which had bought this mess on him.. it was more than he could chew off.. I am not amazed at the thought that David would be so alarmed.. look how he acted at Saul’s death and the only reason he probably didn’t kill the man who told him was that his commander told him to stand up and be a man.. Amazing as I think about it.. We make so many mistakes.. This month of April I made huge money bloopers I will not lie to you and I have so repairing to do.. I need to go on a retail vacation.. honestly.. but that can be repaired.. what David did in displeasing God could not be repaired and this was the consequence he would surely have to suffer… and it was painful and it was bad.. and it lasted all his life..
Lord keep up from punishments we pay for years and years later.. after it’s done..


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