Grace for Ahab!

Now when I read this I rethought the seriousness of God’s love..

I have met people that preach this doom and condemnation message.. Whereas it’s said.. God expects maturity.. and He does.. Or hell…. I don’t know about that part!
When I saw the story of Ahab today the bible said none of the other kings of Israel had sold themselves to do evil in the eyes of the Lord as Ahab had.. yet in the end of his life after God had pronounced judgment on him.. he became mournful and even though he had done some utterly hateful things.. God told His prophet go tell that man He would give him another chance and would not kill him in his time.. I thought that was absolutely astounding because we have all been there, I’ve met people that say.. You just don’t know what I’ve done or how I live.. Ahab had literally sold himself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord most of the days of his life.. One event of turning his face to the Lord curved punishment for his entire life.. Now to me that is amazing!

It’s sure proof beyond all the others in the bible if there is grace for Ahab and grace for Paul formerly Saul not Saul the king.. He never turned to the Lord.. There must be grace for those who fall from grace today!


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