When a parents life dictates a child’s blessing

As I read the book of 1 Kings in the beginning some intriguing thing happened…in my mind..

Every time God addressed Solomon the child king son of David who became king for one reason.. God loved him and God chose him.. he is now in the position after his brother Adonijah tried to take it illegally… And he is as wise as all outdoors. God had granted him wisdom and discernment and the man was one of the great one’s, but, as I looked at his conversations with God, it wasn’t that he was so perfect, as a matter of fact he did the very things God asked him not to do in the beginning to keep himself pure from those idols, he had so many wives when he was old his heart was turned to their gods and God was angry with him.. but what boggled me was what God said..
Because of Your Father David… God kept saying this one statement that boggled me.. “For the sake of Your Father David I will not judge you in your time.” Of course God could bring judgment for his behavior turning from the Lord, but He stayed His hand because of who Solomon’s father was.. God had made David a promise and that was what God was sticking with.. I am amazed and astounded at the faithfulness of God.. He is nothing like man.. To be honest.. You break my covenant you just lost your privileges and I’m about to wipe you out.. but not God.. He remembered a covenant He made with the father of Solomon.. How well can I please God, not only before my children.. but Just before Him.. For if He is pleased with my life my children did get the right example.. That’s what He wanted all along.. godly seed.. That’s not what Solomon was despite his father’s successful life after building that huge palace for himself and enjoying all that peace.. Look at how this wise fool life ends.. he turns from God making himself the most foolish one to me..although blessed and loved by Most High God even he was led astray.. oh but there is hope in Jesus for us!

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