What will you do with what’s in you!

When I was younger my mother would always tell me many things.. She used to say stuff like.. You should go to school to do hair! She said that because my cousin did hair and she had a fascination with beauticians and she thought it would be something cute for me to be.. but I never had a genuine interest in hair at all..
She was off on that one..
But that wasn’t all she used to tell me.. there was something else..

My mama would always say: Kevilyn, I’ve read some of your poems and they are beautiful, you should really write a book of poems and have them published one day, you really have a gift in writing.
From as early as I could remember, I had journals and there was this one very old typewriter.. when there was ribbon… it was gray and black.. and I will never forget it.. I was married to it, in love with it to no end.. I typed on that type writer even when there was no paper or ribbon available..

It was  a lot heavier than this one and a little older model.. but this is something like what it looked like..

My passion for writing has never ceased.. Out of everything else I could have changed and evolved into.. writing never left me, it’s almost as if I were made for it.. and nowadays I carry a laptop around as my notepad with me every where I go so I have a way to write..

I want you to know this is one of my many gifts … I don’t just have one..

But I want to talk about something that is super serious today..
Matthew 24:14-30 expounds on it a little more.. It speaks of a master who is going away on a journey and he called his servants in to himself and decided after careful consideration and watching them, he would give them each portions of his wealth..
He decided to give one man 5 bags of gold and the other 2 and the other one.. These 3 servants took this money from him and he left… and went away.. One of the men who had gotten the 5 bags, took it and went immediately and tried to start drawing interest on it.. Without even having to be instructed..
Then there was the man who had the 2, it was almost as if they were in cahoots.. You see he went and made 2 more of the two he had.. matching it as the first man did.. but the man with the 1… well, he took his and buried it… Yup, he decided logical thinking was the best.. I’m going to take what the master gave me and just put it away and give it back to him when he comes back, at least I should get a commendation because I didn’t lose it, it wasn’t stolen and nothing happened to it..
But the bible clearly said he knew the master was a hard man.. and he knew all about what the master’s taste was.. So these other men were just acting off of the instinct of what they knew the master would like.. even though there may have been no guarantee for any return at all, they would certainly do something with what was given to them..
I mind you it was given to each of them because of their ability.. Now, can you imagine this was probably the reason the man with the one was given only one.. So we can’t be jealous of others when they have more than we do.. sometimes that’s all we can handle..

But when the master comes back He will demand an accounting for what we’ve done with what He has given us and He will expect a return..
There is something God has placed inside of each and every one of us.. Yes, He has.. you can’t tell me you have no gift, no talent.. You have nothing to offer that is unique about you.. But what if I gave you money, I invested in you, and I may have paid for you to go to college, would you take the money go and graduate and bring me back what I paid you with interest, or would you take the money go and sit on it and get a regular job and just give me back what I gave you to take and use to bring me back a return with interest..
The bible says that the master cursed that last man who had the one.. and called him wicked and lazy and sent him out into a bad place..
What am I saying? What does all this mean? If we don’t make use of what God has put in us will His demand for accounting include us being thrown into a place where … well it’s not so nice and cool.. Well, that is what this message in Matthew has said but don’t say I said anything about it..
When we talk about our gifting and our talents, God never puts them there expecting us to sit on them but to bring Him back something we produce because of them..
My gifts and my calling are without repentance and neither are yours.. What will you do with what He has put in you!?


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