Life after the Baptism

This morning I pondered Luke 4:1-30, prompted by another blogger..

When I saw this it compelled me to say something to the audience which I may have some form of influence with..

The write spoke of something I deemed powerful and coined with the name..”Life after Baptism” Learning from Jesus’ example we can see that baptism should not be just going down in the “liquid grave” a dry devil and coming up a wet one.. When you get into the waters of baptism a change must have already taken place in your heart.. You make a declaration that Jesus is Lord of your life and it is a sign also of repentance..

That is a turning from one way to another, now the world sees you and me as examples of who Jesus was on earth and who He is.. alive and well living in us.

Ironically, after Jesus goes down into the liquid grave.. He is led to be tempted by the devil..
This is the lie I think we tell new converts, when you get saved, that devil will just leave you alone.. No No baby, when you get saved the devil gets on your track and puts a hit out on you..
Christianity is not for the faint of heart!

When Jesus demonstrates God’s “Death to life Project” for us.. He shows us that this is what life will look like and this is what we will have to do to overcome the enemy.. We will need to have a firm knowledge of the word of God.. Yes! We need to have a working knowledge of God’s words and promises to us and not only that.. WE need to know what they mean to us as a body.. Jesus didn’t just quote scripture He lived their meaning as we should.. I hope this is blessing someone..

The baptism we talk about does include deciding we are going to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might..

After the devil came to tempt Jesus and He passed the test… Yes! You will have a test if you want testimony or to be used by God in any great way!

What’s Your 411??

Well, this proves our DNA has changes.. we don’t fall for the old tricks and schemes that used to get us every time.. We are part of a new family!
When He had gone through the temptation He was ready for ministry! Watch it when you just want to jump right into ministry.. make sure you’ve first passed the test…

Jesus’ life… After Baptism.. Was filled with miracles, signs and wonders.. What about yours?? What about Mine?? Let’s get on with this following the example stuff!


One thought on “Life after the Baptism

  1. Thanks for your thoughts on “the liquid grave.” The more I read our story, the more I wonder about my life as ongoing baptism — death and resurrection everyday. I think this is the path to life that Jesus opened up for us.

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