Intentional Progression!

This evening as we were headed home from a long day.. A long good day.. My son asked me if he could go swimming, ever since I got them in swimming classes he has just been an overachiever.. Even in his class he was ready to go, even before they taught him something in particular he was trying to do it.. Really eager the teacher called him..

I was amazed to see it.. While my daughter was really a slacker, every time she could she acted as if she were doing what was asked, and she really wasn’t.. The instructor saw it and so did I.. but we tried to ignore it, knowing that in the next level she would definitely not be able to get away with that..

There was something however about my sons progression that intrigued me.. Because a couple of years ago, when I was still married.. We had decided to take a trip to Orlando, and we were going to stay in a beach house near CoCoa beach.. Knowing we would be near so much water, having my ex-husband grown up in Puerto Rico, not knowing how to swim… I determined I would teach them.. I took them to this nice indoor pool and was even willing to pay someone to help, seeing I didn’t know how to swim and all..

When they assessed my son and daughter they came to the conclusion that she was more familiar with the water and ready to learn than he was.. he used to be so afraid of the water… that even if he would get his head to far in.. he would scream as if someone were killing him, even for me to wash his hair was a task at that time..

Now this evening I took him out to the pool, and watched him, boldly, fearlessly, taking on a task he would have run scared from just a couple of years ago.. I watched him in awe.. knowing what had happened then and seeing him now..

We will never be what we will never determine in our mind we already are!
My youngest daughter.. well, she’s now so afraid of the water she hardly likes to go past her waste.. I think that’s amazing! She started out with the most enthusiasm and now.. well, it’s gone.. all of it..

We will not progress unless we determine we will move forward on a consistent basis!

A few nights ago I was on my way to a church I hadn’t been to in awhile but I loved the church so much I was willing to drive the distance to be there. When I left my house, my navigation system wouldn’t come up fast enough and when it did it gave me the “scenic” route.. I wasn’t very happy about that seeing we already had to leave late because of something I had asked my son to do and he had disobeyed.. I had planned on being there by a certain time.. you know to get good seating and all..
But there was my first delay… I was taken the long way by the nav system and when I came back around I said..Oh my gosh I was right near this 10 minutes ago..Well, we progressed on and into the traffic and all the red lights, and all the twist and turns I had not expected.. This was a 45 minute drive .. and I began to think to myself as it started raining 40 minutes in.. What in the world is this?? Maybe I should have just turned around and went home when I was turned around with the scenic route. I asked myself why should the nav system not count the minutes I’m sitting at the red light so I could still be headed toward the church.. Because whenever we stop moving, we forfeit the chance to reach the destination at the appointed time. I realized even if I were moving just a little I was making progress, but that progress had to be intentional or else nothing would have been accomplished..
The End!


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