Common Ground!

Come see a man who told me everything I ever did..

Have you been to see Him yet? The one, The Truth, the Way and the Life..
You know that’s a contraversial verse.. Just like the Samaritan talking to a Jew at the well.. But this just wasn’t any Jew, this wasn’t any man..

Personally, some people would think it would be uncomfortable to be around someone who exposed everything you ever did.. Not this woman.. She was intrigued by the fact that He realized her need and was willing to meet her where she was..
Paul even quotes it.. You see if we were to separate ourselves from sinners altogether we would then need to go out of the world.. It is alright to be in the world but we are charged not to be of them.. Not to do like them..

Are there people around you who you know are not fully living up to His standards.. Maybe they are like this woman at the well…. Sure she had 6 husbands and was shacking up again… But Jesus met her where she was and told her there was hope for the true need..
When she ran to the village she said.. Come See A Man that Told me everything I ever did! Isn’t that amazing…Jesus was not like.. Ughhh You are filthy in my sight.. I have to get away from you, don’t come near me you sinner.. You are shacking up?? What?? I will have nothing to do with You..
No, this was the reason the bible says He needed to go through Samaria, He had had her on His agenda all day.. He knew she would come thinking she would walk away quietly having no one bother or judge her.. but she met the ONE, the one that would change her life forever, and who did she go to tell first.. THE MEN!

She had gotten all that influence over all those men in that town because of who she was and was able to draw them to Christ..
And we know that in all things God works for good of those who love them.. Even her sin.. Yes even her sin was used for God’s glory when she gave Him Lordship of it!


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