Seeing my moderation

Many times we say of others who get on our nerves… “Lord knows I love em” Yes, the good old statement is that “The Lord knows my heart”

While we are going to church on Sunday’s to mark off the check list of things we did for God.. We treat others as if they are beneath us.

I have particularly had issues with this..
In Philippians 4:5 Paul tells us to “let our moderation be known to all men, for the Lord is near”

When he speaks of moderation he is talking about how we treat others.. Not just those that believe in Jesus but you can impact far more people who don’t know God to know Him by the way you treat them. This scripture impllies that even the person who you may believe it the worst sinner still needs to be trated with patience and gentleness.. Why are we so easily agitated as believers.. Do we now know that something as simple as letting someone in who cuts us off on the interstate can be just as effective as a smile to a homeless person who wreaks..

Sometimes I think we have to stop and consider the day before we actually start on it.. We are admonished to look for every opportunity to do good to others..

This verse does not mention having the right thing in your heart and it is true while we could be smiling on the outside and doing all the right things if the wrong things are in our hearts we bring damnation yet still on ourselves.
When I think about this is makes me become highly aware to examine myself.. Not the person who cut me off and how they should have been more considerate of me, knowing that the command is to love your neighbor as yourself, not for your neighbor to love you as themselves..I often tell my children this statement: Do to others as you would have them do to you, not as they do to you”
I think that wraps up perfectly the verse to be all the more conscious from now on of not only the outward attitude but the one in our hearts when we are dealing with people that we would normally be short with!


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