Question #2. Cure for Anxiety!

Today The Question Is: Matthew 6:29

“And which is you by worrying can add a single an inch to his life span?”
I am a stickler for great bible study. I have been studying the bible for years, and I do mean that quite literally, I love to listen to music that makes me think about the greatness and mighty power and wonder of God and the blood and power of Jesus Christ on the Cross.. I love an opportunity to tell someone else about the goodness of the Lord.. because that is food for my soul to see someone else have the fear of death calmed by the great love of God.

Yet, even though we love God as believers of Jesus the Christ, even though we follow Him with all of our hearts on some days as faithful trustees… We see instances where we remind ourselves of the disciples on that boat… just a couple of chapters ahead.. I can see it now.. Jesus is getting ready to test these boys He has purposefully chosen and guess what.. It means they will be sent through a time of trial.. Hmmm, Wonder what they will do??? Matthew 7:23 tells us they followed sweet Jesus into a boat… expecting a smooth trip, but Jesus had a storm in mind.. They followed Jesus onto something while things were calm not perceiving what would happen.. I perceive that if there were a storm well, as long as Jesus was with them He wouldn’t have told them to get on right.. But the bible tells us what Jesus was doing during this storm… SLEEPING! What an example of the cure for our anxiety and worry… Jesus is looking for a faith when He send us through things!
A couple of weeks ago, as I was leaving church my car had some trouble.. I didn’t know what to do.. It gets pretty hot here in Tx. Well, I began to panic almost immediately thinking I’m gonna have to get a rental… How much will this cost to get fixed.. Lord what is happening here?? How in the world am I going to get home? Who can I call? All these thoughts crossed my mind as I’m sure every option for survival came up in the disciples mind while the waves from the sea were covering the boat and they actually thought they would die..
I could imagine them violently shaking Jesus out of His sleep or going down to Him yelling Out… “DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT’s GOING ON? DON’T YOU CARE WE ARE ALL ABOUT TO GO DOWN!” That’s my own paraphrasing by the way.. And Jesus says the most awkward thing to them..
Why are you so afraid???? Uh oh… I’ve jumped questioned here.. But the point was that He wanted them to walk in faith… that was it.. Nothing more, nothing less.. He desires to find a faith so great in us that we remind Him of the centurion He had just seen moments before!


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