Seeking first the Kingdom and then…….

Today, the question is..
” Why are you anxious about clothes?” Matthew 6:28
Jesus is very clear in this chapter as He is talking about serving money and God… He has told us that “No man can serve 2 masters either he will hate the one and love the other. You can not serve God and money!”

I think Jesus was making a very keen point that we don’t spend much time thinking about..He did not say money comes evil, but when “chasing that paper” is “what you bout” that becomes evil in His sight.. Because by now you ought to know that “Money mounts up wings and has a good way of flying away” 
There is just something more beautiful in hoping in the Lord.. Something more powerful than this life, for here possessions can be lost, things can be stolen.. As a matter of fact if you get too many nice things, and everyone sees them somehow… You will need to be on the look out all the more because people have no regard for others, and you have to concern yourself with being robbed, or having someone harm you to get what you have.. Because the possession was more powerful to You, making it known that possessed your soul and not the one who is the Possessor of every soul!

Let me make it as plain as I possibly can before I finish this entry.. Jesus the Christ, the Anointed one, The Divine Son of God.. The RESURRECTED ONE says that if we seek first His kingdom and all it’s righteousness.. All the things other people who don’t know Him go behind we will get it, but He will know that those things will not get us and more than that… If we are seeking after the kingdom so hard, the world and all it’s treasures will become dimmer every day.. 

It’s Friday and for some people it’s payday, Who tithes to show God that the first 10 percent of their income belongs to Him as a way of honoring Him with their wealth.. Hey, it’s bible… don’t throw off on the messenger, I just deliver the mail… Let’s try to see what life would be like with a blessed 90% rather than a cursed 100…

Don’t worry about what you will wear, what you will eat or drink.. Your heavenly Father knows everything you need before you ask and if your sole purpose in life is pleasing Him.. He will not withhold any good thing from You, simply because you truly love HIM!


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