The Power of Faith which brings about Forgiveness!

Question #7. Comes From Matthew 9:4

“Why are you thinking evil thoughts in your heart?”

In the context of this verse we learn that some things have taken place to bring about this statement.. #1. Jesus is in His hometown Capernaum when He takes note of the faith of some people, possibly the paralytic and those who were getting them to Jesus.. Jesus stumbles upon a great opportunity to show His authority. Has He healed people before? yes! Has He performed miracles on this scale before?? Yes! But there was something different about this time.. This time He connected the healing to forgiveness.

While there was a scribe in the very last chapter telling Him he would follow Him wherever He went, there were now scribes saying among themselves.. “This man is blaspheming” In other words, He’s speaking evil, who does He think He is to forgive sins.. In other words.. there was no mercy being shown and in this evil had come into their hearts, and in fact they were setting up shop to start the plan to destroy Jesus’ healing ministry all together..
Now who in their right mind would be mad because someone got healed and were made better..

There were three groups of people on the scene, there were the disciples, the multitude and the scribes.. And Jesus, the Everlasting, Ever loving Son of God, in all His power.. and He says to this paralytic to take heart that his sins had been forgiven..
What was in that statement.. No one can forgive someone anything they did not do to them personally, for instance I can not forgive the person who raped the lady down the street for her, it is her job to forgive them, for I could forgive while she still holds a grudge and stews in anger, hatred and bitterness and wants to get back at them.. Well, the statement Jesus was making was that this man had sinned indeed and the sin was against Him.. Do you know how hard it is to forgive a person who wronged you in this day in age.. they will find you at a second line and shoot you and cause an uproar in a crown harming others before they forgive.. They will kill innocent bi-standers to get to one person.. You would be shocked what a scorned unforgiving person would do.. Yet we wonder why we have so much depression and anti depressants, and crimes and bitterness causing all types of stress and disease in the body..

The Sin and the Sickness in this instance were connected.. In this case Jesus had allowed the sickness to come upon him but could easily remove it whenever He chose to forgive.. when Jesus saw his faith that was His cue and He didn’t even demand a repentance.. The healing was proof of forgiveness.. that would have otherwise not been known.. The crowd marveled that Jesus had been healed and others marveled why Jesus would do such a thing thinking it was completely wrong.. Amazing that two people can go to a movie, see the same thing and have totally different views of it.. Faith was powerful in the fact that it was what bought about this man’s forgiveness manifesting itself in healing. You can easily identify then that the reason they were thinking the evil thoughts was because they were envious.. Today the question for reflection is.. When I am thinking ill of another person, evil in Jesus’ terms what are the conditions in my heart that need to be addressed!


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