Being Spiritually Discerned

Question #11.

“Why do you discuss among yourselves that you have no bread? Do yo not yet understand or Remember the five loaves of the five thousand and how many baskets you took up? Or the seven loaves of the four thousand and how many large baskets you took up? How is it that you do not understand that I do not speak to you concerning bread? But beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”

Matthew 16 Are We Spiritually Discerned!

The Pharisees And Sadducees…

Now this alone, in itself is a contradiction.. The Pharisees and the Sadducees believed 2 different things.. You see one believed in a resurrection while the other did not.. and they had never been friends, but for this occasion they had banded and teamed up to “test” Jesus.. What they both knew was they didn’t need some “Know it all” coming and leading people away after Himself.. So they had to find a way to “Trip Him Up!” Well, they asked Him for a sign “From Heaven” Amazing to me is the response of Jesus the Christ when they ask for this..

Of course sometimes we don’t really think God is God and He knows even the motives of our hearts… We tend to think we can pull one over on Him and He will just “not notice” what our intentions are..
Jesus knew full well their intentions and with this knowledge He answered the question..
I wish I could be like Jesus in this respect..In that He was still willing to answer, and in the wisest way!


I have small children… well, thank Goodness, not that small any more and sometimes my son, when he wants to test me with allowing him to watch certain things on television he will come to probe me with some question and knowing what the intent of his heart is I get angry and I don’t respond according to his motive, but my anger, not explaining at all I just say: Because I said so..

Jesus was not like that.. He had an answer for it all.. and it was always in proper context.. even if they didn’t think so.

Jesus said to these men that no sign would be given.. Wow! The answer options were on the table and Jesus opted for D.. saying: “You know the signs of the time and how to judge them don’t you, when the sky looks overcast you say.. Boy, it’s probably going to rain today, and when the sky is sunny in the morning you say.. Hm… It’s going to be a beautiful day.. Yet spiritually you are undiscerned.. In other words.. You should have been able to tell who I am by the things I have already done and simply observing.

Well, when He gets alone with His disciples, He says something that is boggling…
“Watch out and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and sadducees..” That word leaven means yeast which is indicative of something that causes agitation or unrest.. Be aware that there is an enemy out there and he is not playing, he has a plot and a goal to do one thing to you.. Steal, Kill and Destroy, it would be best of you to be mindful of that.

Now I absolutely love this because afterward they started talking about forgetting to bring bread..I could imagine what they were saying in my sanctified imagination.. They were probably saying..”Aw Lawd, now we getting rebuked because we forgot to bring some food for us to eat”

Jesus was not talking about food at all however, He was speaking of being spiritually discerned and this conversation of bread furthermore revealed lack of faith..

Hadn’t He just fed the 5,000 people, if we had already seen Him bring supernatural provision in the natural realm that must obviously be a realm we don’t concern ourselves with at all.. but it is the spiritual realm that must be of utmost concern because what will happen in the spiritual is demonstrated eventually in the natural.. Get an understanding.. A spiritual one!


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