A Chosen Generation

Question #12 “To what can I compare this generation? It is like children playing a game in the public square, they complain to their friends we played wedding songs and you didn’t dance so we played funeral songs and you didn’t mourn.

Generation.. That word is very powerful.. It stands as a representation of the time.. or the age, or the era…

You remember the hit 70’s and the Kool Mo D 80’s, they were called a generation of people that lived in that time frame and those who were born to them are the one’s in the next generation. For every generation there is a successive generation that represents either the good moral character of the last or the fullness of it’s decline.

Remember the days we didn’t have cell phones and planes and jets were not really in existence as popular as they are now. I could even go so far back as to remember when we had pay phones.. But we have “evolved” so much as a culture and a society that now we look a certain way at the person not caught up with current technology, so we do all this stuff to keep up with the Jones’… And in the end we are playing the flute, blowing the harp, doing what we think will make that person get up and move and when they don’t boy, we get upset.. We have began to live in a generation that calls right wrong and wrong right… and it’s become over.. I know it’s archaic, but to live with someone before your married should not be cute. To kill someone because they didn’t pay you 50.00 is just ridiculous. To have a baby outside of marriage is a shame, and you don’t even know who the daddy is, let alone 5 babies all by different…. let me stop there.. But we live in a time and a culture… a Generation that has lost true value systems and anything.. Absolutely anything goes, even if it is opposed to the bible.

Jesus here addresses the issues of His day and He talks to the generation that was here in His time and it’s amazing to see they were not all that different.
We have all these preachers that rise up in the name of the Lord.. Some of them are not so authentic, while others are really trying to make an impact for the kingdom of God and they put on all these bells and whistles, they do skits now in church, they’ve made the church a social hub where you go just to meet others and fill seats, and sometimes you go to actually be changed.. Yet, even though all this occurs we don’t dance.. How many people read their bible every day by a show of hands.. it’s ridiculous the high schoolers who are leaving the church after graduation because their parents only took them to church but did not reflect the message just went for the perks.. I think our church needs to come up.. but I also think the only way that can happen is that the people in it choose consciously to come up!

Jesus speaks of John the baptist who came preaching righteousness, they called this man a glutton, and they turned around and called Jesus a drunkard.. We use all these excuses because we ourselves have no desire to get right and live right for God!

And when that happens you see a massive decline in holiness and purity which is what God desires most!

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