To Bind a Strong Man??

Question #13

“Or again how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carries off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can plunder his house.”

Imagine with me if you will… A strong man, a buffed man, a man who has come upon some successes in his life, so he has spoils, he has some goods… He has a nice house, he himself built it from the ground up, he has a family and he has all sorts of nice things.. As long as he exist his house remains in peace… But there is an adversary who has decided he would come and plunder this strong man… take all his stuff.. That’s right as if it were his from the beginning..

In this story we see Jesus back in action again.. He’s doing those miracles like nothing.. it takes Him no effort at all.. The Pharisees are taking note of this when they start making comments in their own minds.. “This guy ain’t all that! Who does he think he is? He didn’t go to Pharisee university did He? Where does He get off coming here turning all these people to Him? It’s our job to teach the people and do miracles? But we can’t do miracles and we claim to know God, so this guy must do them in the name of Beelzubub that prince of demons… that’s probably what it is… there’s nothing to em”

Jesus already knew their thoughts and He felt the need to address them and He makes a statement that makes so much sense.. It would seem His critics would have thought about it.. He says: “How can satan bind satan?” Why would satan want to bind up someone, disable and cripple them, and that is his goal, only to loose them and let them be free.. that would thwart his purposes and he would come to nothing but ruin right!

Jesus makes the point that satan is the strong man, wouldn’t you agree.. Ever since that faithful day in the garden he seemed to have massive success in the area of winning souls over to his side.. souls like Jezzabel, souls like the wife of Potiphar who tempted Joseph.. souls like that of Herod in Jesus’ time and even Judas the traitor of Jesus.. You see satan had been having rave success.. but one came who was greater.. one came who was stronger than he.. And Jesus was able to put him in his place.. Although that would be difficult for any normal person Jesus was telling them that in fact He is stronger than satan and can put that spirit in chains so that freedom can be granted to the one with the infirmity… isn’t that what happened with the lady who had been bent over all those year whom Jesus said satan had bound all that time and she was a daughter of Abraham.. We don’t like to get into stuff like this because if we are saved by the Blood of Jesus we are supposed to be walking in freedom yet there are still areas that we see bondage and Jesus came already and bought Freedom.. because the case is true He Is Stronger.. And He Has binded up the strong man and plundered all his goods..



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