When Words Matter!

Question #14 Matt. 12:34

“You brood of vipers how can you being evil, speak what is good? For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart!”

What an interesting question to ponder today.. It’s in the same context of the last question… Jesus has just healed the man who was both blind and mute, which was demon oppressed and now having three different groups of people in the crowd He gauges their minds as He is gazing around.. There is a multitude no doubt, but isn’t it amazing that Jesus knows the thoughts of them all..

Some of them are amazed and thinking to themselves.. “This has got to be the Son of God, the Messiah, the One to Come.. Or else how could He do such great things..” You know the regular way people react to miracles. Jesus knew the hearts He had touched and were going to be saved, but the flip side of it was that He also knew those whose hearts were pricked at His actions and were very jealous of Him..
Always remember no matter how high you go, for as many praisers as you have their will also be critics. That would be a good place to put a side bar!
I am thinking of a movie called “what a woman wants” and the main actor in the movie was Mel Gibson, he was in marketing and trying to write an add, when suddenly something awkward happened.. He was electrocuted and as a result he was not shocked to death, he was able to hear the thoughts of every one around him and sometimes he would respond to their thoughts more than their words realizing the potency of thoughts in the sight of God.. If we are thinking a thing, to Him it is just as if we had already done it.
These men (pharisees) were blaspheming and Jesus did not like that.. So He addressed their thoughts..
He said to them you brood.. Now this is keen because in this He addresses their past, where they had come from and what they had been taught, He addresses them as a breed of people who had not been changed.. He addressed them in reference to the Jews of old who had mistreated prophets in the old testament. He is saying in essence you people culminated from a bad place, the very place you maturated from.. your ancestors did not know the true and living God.. it’s no wonder you don’t either..
“You brood of snakes” Let me point out that this is not a good comment, it’s not a compliment. Jesus is saying in all essence you symbol of evil. It is amazing that He was addressing the religious leaders of His day.. We will leave that for another thought. But He called them a generation that was a product of where they had come from. Every generation culminates from another and is a refection of what was before it.. Jesus called them Snakes.. which symbolized something that was not necessarily good, as a matter of fact the opposite and He goes into something that is very important to grasp.. The power of not only words.. But thoughts.. He was addressing their thoughts and the attitudes of their hearts.. He was calling them cunning, crafty, wicked.. everything represented in the word.. There is no way you can say anything good seeing that you are evil.

Let’s take a pause here.. Jesus is speaking to the content of their words judging their character. Sometimes we don’t think it’s true but our words show off what’s really in our hearts. And that is what shows others who we really are.

Out of the abundance of our hearts we overflow with words.. Whatever fills our thoughts eventually finds it’s way into our conversation.. Just wait long enough and get mad enough, whatever was brewing in their if you hang around long enough it will come out, I don’t care how holy they appear, for a certain amount of time we can put on airs and we can fool so many people so much of the time, but before God… Nah, it’s all bear..
I would like to end this journal by asking us to pray for a heart transplant, it’s not so much about doing more works trying to change our hearts on our own or trying to better control the words that come out of our mouths, but submission to God.. and true relationship with Him on a daily basis. May we grow closer and closer to Him in this allowing Him to change our thoughts and thus our words and actions!


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