Forever Family!

Question #14

“He replied to them, “Who are my mother and who are my brothers? And Stretching out His hand toward His disciples, He said, “Behold, my mother and my brothers”

In this question a lot of happening to ponder. I see here where Jesus is still on the same scene when He has healed the man who was blind and mute and all the Thousands of people marvel, while the few speculate with evil thoughts in their hearts..
Then someone, A lone ranger comes in from outside realizing Jesus’ mother and father were standing outside.. Trying to be a good little helper.. Letting Jesus know something important.. Jesus corrects him.

This question is not so much for this man though, Jesus was saying something so profound that it would really baffle anyone.

We were all born into specific families.. All my cousins are not all your cousins.. Well, in my case they are.. My mom and her twin were with two brothers and literally my cousins by my mom’s twin and I all have the exact same relatives all the way around and we look alike, like all of us could have been born in the same house. Anyway TMI…

We can not choose what families we are born into.. We can not choose where we are born, some people are less fortune and born in third world countries where there is low life expectancy, some people are born in the U.S. of A…. and they grew up in the really nice parts, and their family had an inheritance for them before they were even born.. but then there were others as well..

We don’t get to choose how we grow up.. Or our parents issues.. or who our siblings will be, this is all apart of God’s design.. So it is in the spiritual realm, although there is a great difference.. You see, this family is eternal.

When Jesus was told that His mother and brethren were outside He was not trying to be rude but He wanted to point out where the priority was.. God had chosen Mary because the woman did something that pleased Him in obedience.. She was obviously not a sinner.. But Jesus chooses to make a scene of it.. So that while everyone is speculating they could learn a life lesson..No, Jesus did not get up and leave the people He was with to go and be with the one’s who were biological to Him.. If you get nothing else out of this remember that sometimes the people more kin to you don’t have your same relatives, and sometimes they are not even the same color.. They are the one’s who do the will of God!
Jesus pointed toward His disciples.. He pointed toward the people who had made a decision to follow Him, not the Pharisees, this goes to show you there could be people who hate you and people who love you all in the same place, you have to be wise enough to discern who is who!
Jesus pointing at the disciples said to them… “Who are my mother and brothers?” Who? This is indicative of person, place or thing. When Jesus asked him this He wanted them to think of who relatives are as a believer.. Jesus was no doubt the son of God, He was not just a prophet, He was not just a man.. He was just doing miracles in these people’s presence and this was indeed a privilege for them.. For how do you think they felt… being called His Brethren.. This was an amazing thought..
But can we grasp it today.. If we do the will of God we are also Jesus’ brethren… We are Sons of the Most High God.. I think if anyone could catch this one truth it would blow them away.. By implying we are His brethren, He implies that God is our Father too.. We have the same family members, and there is no distinction.. When we get to heaven… We will be with a forever family, it may include some of those who were in our biological family and by all means I hope it includes all of them, but even if not.. We must remember as we go about our day that just because you and I didn’t grow up together don’t mean we are not kin.. because of the blood of Jesus.. This would take away all schisms in different denominations.. There would be one common denominator..Is Jesus the Christ the Son of the Living God… Did He die and raise on the third day! You know in he


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