The Power of the Son!

Question # 16

Matthew 14:31 “Immediately, Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith” He said. “WHY did you doubt?”
Isn’t that the question HE asks’ us all the time.

In this particular text Jesus has just come from feeding a whole bunch of people off of basically nothing but two fish, five loaves and a prayer of thanksgiving.. Always remember there’s power in prayer, but you can never move heaven without a prayer of faith!

Jesus is here found on the mountain praying when something happens to His disciples.. Always remember His will is His bill.. HE had given them the command to go to the other side once more and again.. Doesn’t this sound familiar, although the last time they got the command they were all on the boat and He was asleep.. This almost makes that seem like a training class to see what they learned.. Whenever you fail a test the first time God meant for you to learn from, you may have to retake it to see if you got the message. This time Jesus came in a different manner..
I’m in college right now and one thing I’ve learned from the privilege to retake test from time to time is that they will change it up a little, I won’t be able to get off by just studying the questions from the last test.. But for the most part the questions will be the same in kind…

Well, this is what was happening here.. Jesus was not on the boat and when He came to them they thought He was a ghost because He came in a different way! What will you do if Jesus decides to come in a different way and you don’t recognize Him in your storm.. Panic, become afraid think he’s a spirit.. Well, Peter was bold enough to step out on his faith. He saw a miracle happen that day too..
Whenever we get bold enough to use our faith, not keeping it locked up in jail we will see how far we can go as a body of Christ..

Peter got a command.. One word.. Literally… From Jesus was all that boy needed and in the midst of a storm.. Waves were still crashing against the boat and strong winds were still blowing.. He didn’t care at the time.. He had good intentions.. He had a command, and He believed Jesus said he could walk that water..

But… When he got out there he started to look around, and not at Jesus.. Some how his faith waiver.. He shifted his focus, his attention was displaced and he began to think to himself.. oh my… I’m walking on waves and boy, do you feel these strong winds they are about to knock me over, I can’t do this…

This is when the sinking started. Peter started to sink because he took his eyes off of Jesus and that faith that caused him to ask Jesus for the command was now focusing on what was going on around him. When he sank he did something even better.. He called out for help.. Not from the disciples who were on the boat.. He called out to Jesus and immediately, Jesus reached down and helped him with a comment and a question I believe He would have for us all today in certain areas of our life I want us to identify today..

There is an area that we are not trusting God, not believing God like we should perhaps. He wants to put His finger on that and say to us, exceedingly, abundantly, above all you could ask or think, according to the power that works in you.. God is able to do the thing you have faith for but His question to us is.. “Why did you doubt?”


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