Traditions Vs. Commandments!

Matthew 15:3

Question #16 “Why do you also transgress the commands of God for your traditions?”

Jesus was being prodded again and I’m taking they didn’t like His response. Ever go after someone with the wrong motive and don’t quite get the response nor reaction you went in for.. Well, this was Jesus all the time!

In all actuality, we are all taught things as children growing up, just things our parents did, they learned from their parents, and they learned from their parents and inherently they are not bad things.. “wash your hands before you eat your food” might be one of them.. It’s sanitary.. Or a big one for my family was: “Take a bath before you get into that bed” Well for it’s own reasons a tradition has it’s good points such as having the family together every holiday to spend time.. and Jesus was not saying that traditions in themselves are bad, but when we place traditions over the commandments of God that’s when we go down the wrong road.
The Pharisees would tell people to tell their followers that it was okay to neglect helping their parents because they had to give to the temple.. Jesus was big about zeroing in on the weightier thing.. It’s more important to honor the temple than the things in it, would be something Jesus would teach.. Well, there was no difference.. It’s more important to honor God than all the good things He tells us to do… When we do good things that make good sense but they are cause us to go against things that we do naturally out of relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ.. We have missed the mark and it would be good to examine areas we have taken traditions too far and forgotten that there is something much deeper that needs to come out of it!


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