Remaining=Miraculous Provision

Question #19.

Matthew 15:34 “How many loaves do you have?”

Have you ever wondered to yourself..”Is it even worth it to follow God?” I mean, sure we here about heaven and the sweet by and by.. And all that sounds great but before we get there we realize it’s easy to praise with the saints we know but it’s a lot harder worshiping with the saints here below. excuse my french: “People is crazy sometimes” It’s not good grammar but it’s good theology.. We turn away from God like there’s no fear of Him in our hearts, like He does not see at all and will not have a say or we will not be taken into account. We do things that we know grieve Him and because we wake up to see another day we think… He must be sleeping and He must not notice..

In this verse we find a crowd that has remained with Jesus 3 days.. A focused, committed and dedicated crowd. It’s obvious many of them were following Him for healing because it says that He went up on a mountain and sat down and when He got there all sorts of lame, blind and maimed people came to Him and were cast at His feet.. Imagine that.. All of them walked away healed. Honestly, I don’t think I would leave a God who could do that. Jesus in His miraculous power had not only healed them for their diligence to remain with Him, but as they glorified God He saw their need for food and although there was no complaining or murmuring He took initiative to meet their needs, unless they faint on the way home when He sent them back to their perspective places..

When we remain in the presence of Jesus for a certain amount of time and have our “mountain” experience like Moses and these followers and we walk away with the glory of God on us.. He not only give us healing for our souls but provision for our natural body.. Strength that is supernatural as well as that which is natural..

But doesn’t this seem like a test of faith for His disciples, He could have just as easily given each person supernatural strength to make it home and filled them with His word as it is nourishment for the soul.. But He chose not to.. He chose to fill their bellies as well.. The disciples seemed to have gotten it this time although the initial comment was not quite faith-filled, the action of offering Him the seven loaves and fish was definitely an act of Faith.. Jesus only ask us to offer Him what we do have!
What is the thing He is asking you and I about today? In the midst of our situation do we realize that He wants to perform a miracle through us.. But He will use what we are willing to offer? It’s not about what we don’t have, but He always leaves provision for a miracle right there in what we do have!

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