Question #21

Matthew 16:15

“He said to them, ‘But who do you say that I am?”

This is a power packed question if I ever seen one.. Piggy backing off the last question this question has even greater significance.

I could not help but realize that in every translations it says that Jesus Said to them… not that He asked them.. It said clearly He asked them ‘who do men say I am?” But He simply said to them in anticipation of their own recognition and thoughts.. Jesus did not need them to tell Him what they thought of Him, He knew the hearts of all men, just as He did not need them to tell Him what others were saying about Him, He already knew all these things.

What He wants is us to make a confession that sometimes may be opposing the word, or sometimes may be the answer to what every one else is needing.. The thing was the answers they gave Him about what others were saying all pointed to Him, it was already written about Him that He would be the prophet to rise up, like John the baptist and Yes He was a Prophet… They thought He was Elijah himself and had just not come, John the baptist was in place however in the spirit of Elijah.. This is amazing because people can get it almost right but He’s expecting us to evaluate and come up with what we say about Him..

What do you have to say about the Son of man?


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