Question #22

Matthew 16:24-26

“Then Jesus said to His disciples, If anyone wishes to come after me, let him 1.) DENY HIMSELF, 2.) Take up his cross. 3.)and Follow me.

For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.

For what will a man profited, if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?”
Now this time Jesus asked the question in 2 parts.. That’s really keying in on what He is saying, in other words trying to make a point through repetition.

Always pay attention when Jesus repeats Himself, it’s a lesson you have to get!

There was an old song they used to sing..”Must Jesus bare His cross alone and all the world go free… No Just as there was a cross for Him there’s one for you and me”

The word deny is very thorough… it means just what it says, but who would think that when they walk down the aisle at church this is what comes after making up our mind to be a follower of Christ.. Before we can follow Him after we accept Him what He is saying here is that there are in fact pre-requisites. Like in college before you can get into the actual courses in your major most of the time there are core classes, or prerequisites. They are a preparation for what is to come and you must understand the first level before you can progress to the next..

Now this is very important and a component we don’t sit and explain to new believers often.. Accepting Christ may mean you have to stop shacking up, and if you think your lesbian it may mean abstaining until you have seen the deliverance of the Lord, denying oneself is never an easy thing, for it may mean no longer gossiping on your job, or it may possibly mean waking up early to read your bible and pray for 30 minutes..Whatever denial looks like for you, you get the picture.. but then you must take up Your Cross.. Jesus took up His.. Can you imagine walking that road next to Him like Simon did..Going the same way He went, even if it meant death. I want to zero in on the man who took up the cross with Jesus named Simon, he hadn’t necessarily asked to be a partaker in Jesus’ crucifixion, but soon he learned that just as there was a cross for Jesus there is one for us all.. Jesus suffered, and so we think we don’t have to, we think He paved a way so that we may live however we want.. Lord have mercy on us. We have abortions left and right because we don’t want to address the sin issue, we are allowing now marriage to be between people of the same sex when our country has never allowed this.. in the past.. in some states… WE need to pray as a body to deny ourselves so that we can see Jesus as He is.

When Peter got a right view of God in verse 15 that was great.. Didn’t he answer the question properly, but in this verse he just finished rebuking Jesus for saying He would die.. What will it profit you and I, if we gained the whole world, if we had all these things that we want and see going on around us and if we kept our own lives but in the end lost our very souls? What would we give up in exchange for our very mind, will and emotions…
Selah moments are real!


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