Preferred Positions!

Question #25

Matt. 20:22 “You do not know what your asking for. Are you able to drink the cup that I am about to drink? They said to Him, we are able.”

This is a seemingly isolated event that happens in the gospel. Rarely do we learn of people that follow Jesus wanting to have a greater position than those around them.. No, that could never be… not in our society, we are all so loving and we care about others more than ourselves..

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of truth in this question even today. The bible says after Jesus answered this question the other disciples got indignant… I can imagine because they wanted the position themselves.

We all grapple at some point with how successful we will be in life and we define success by how high we can go, what we can attain, it’s defined by how high we can climb or what type of schools our children go to. This is nothing new.. Even as believers, sometimes we look at other believers and find their faults and say to ourselves.. ‘At least I’m not like so and so’! You know when Jesus addressed this issue it was enough to shut all three of them down.. Yet they wanted to still sound big…”We are able”

Jesus’ response to the question “I want to sit on Your right hand and left” ought to make us all sit back and think..

You don’t know what your asking, you haven’t sat down and calculated what it cost to have this type of position, first of all… On my left… Well, no one can have that position.. I am seated at the right hand of God.. Dare you ask for that position.. But these seats have already been predestined..

This cup/lot/destiny…I will have to suffer to obtain my place.. How much are you willing to go through.. I don’t mean the wicked way, but God’s..

Let reconsider our desires to sit in preferred seats!


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