Making it all work out!

Question #26 comes from Matthew 21:42 ” Did you not read the scriptures?”

      Jesus has just finished speaking parables, relating heavenly truths in earthly forms. He painted a picture of a landowner with a vine yard and vine growers being left in charge last, and these vine growers were wretched, they had been hired to care for someone else’s vine, yet when the owner sent for His produce they refused to send it…How selfish could a person be.
The Lord decides that after His servants are beaten, and killed and mistreated when He sends them to pick up His things, He sends His Son, trusting they would respect Him, and they kill Him with the thought they would receive His inheritance…
The harvest belongs to the Lord and He was loving enough to send us His Son to pick up what was His, but we killed Him.. Why do I say we? Because it really had nothing to do with Pontious/Pilate, or any other chief priest, we strung Jesus up with our sin..

When He finished this parable He made this statement.. Have you not read scripture? Although you rejected me I am going to be the Head Person In Charge. I am getting ready to be The CornerStone The Builders Rejected.

They obviously had knowledge of the holy writ, but it had not resignated in their heart that they were actually helping God out to kill His Son..

In our culture we love the bible, it is still one of the most cherished books, still the number one best seller in New York times, seeing just about every household holds at least 4 bibles… Bibles are even given away in our culture, yet so few people read it every day.. If we read it there would be far more peace, and joy and love and righteous living because we would know the truth and it would set us free.. but there is a difference in having a bible and loving the God having true relationship with Him who wrote it! Let me be clear to say the least.. God sent His Son and left this great book that ALL points to Him, giving us life more abundantly, yet we still struggle along.. not knowing a living true that is known and understood can take us on to life eternal!

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