A matter of the heart!

Question #27 is coming from Matthew 22:18 “But Jesus perceived their malice and said, why are you tempting me, you hypocrites?”
Wouldn’t this be the perfect place to jump into context and talk about how we as Americans and even believers don’t prioritize our money well and talk about how those Pharisees were so wrong to come asking Jesus about is they could pay their JCPenny bill to Sears or not.. That would be perfect to get into…

Obviously, that’s not what this text was about..Yes, it stemmed from a conversation about money, it was a question about paying taxes. But the issue was not the question, Jesus zeroed in on the issue very quickly! The issue was what was in their hearts..

A few of months ago I began to visit a Church of Christ and not many weeks afterward I began to meet with what I consider to be a great acquaintance, she offered to do bible study with me and before long I recognized that I believed differently than they did, it was not that it was a dramatic change but still very radical.. I told my friend about this over a month ago.. and believe it or not he took it down to proving his point on an issue she and I discussed and while trying to prove his point he was not helping his case at all because he wounded up going against what Jesus Himself commanded.. Because of his determination to prove that he was right he started taking sentences out of the bible and it made me a little angry because first of all, it wasn’t your issue and I had already settled it weeks ago.. The issue of the heart was of great concern to me.. If your still competing with someone you never met at least a month later… Something is wrong!

Well, it turns out this was the same issue Jesus had.. These Pharisees were trying to stir up confusion in the hearts of people, what was in their hearts were wickedness and evil, it had nothing to do with genuineness and humility! They were outright trying to trap Jesus and because He was divine and knew the hearts of all men, He was able to address them accordingly..
I sure wish we as a body of Christ would pray for discernment a lot more that way when we are tested, like Jesus we will know what is in the heart of the person and respond accordingly!


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