A matter of Generation!

Question #30. “How will you escape the sentence of hell?”

Now this was  a harsh question… It was indeed a hard one.. Jesus was calling into account in this context where the behavior of the Scribes, and teachers of the law was coming from. Keep in mind He has just given then 7 woes and this is no little thing, He is pointing out the sin in their lives, naming it one by one.. You say it’s not like Jesus to do that.. He never did that to the sinner.. But these were not just sinners they were unwilling to change.

Ever met someone stuck in their ways.. Their main objective was to do evil and nothing could get under their skin to change their view.. Now, let’s take a real close look at this, I don’t mean to dig into the past but people who could house slaves and beat them and mistreat people could get up and go to church and lift their hands as though they were righteous with no thought of amends…

When we see people who could bomb planes and kill people with no remorse we think of a scene like this.. You see these people were the ones who would kill Jesus.. yes, it was the religious group… Amazingly, sometimes your enemies are not the sinners who are waiting for you to bring them Jesus but some of them are people who are right there in the same church with you. The ones who you saw walk down the aisle or the ones who have been gracing the pew every single week the last 35 years… Let’s get it right, every one in church does not have a right view of God.. And sometimes it’s because of generational influence.. a snake, because of the law of first mention is symbolic of evil and a viper is a poisonous snake.. so we can see that they had come from… to be a brood of means you maturated from these people.. In other words Jesus is saying you were reared by people who did horrible things to others… who really loved God..
Yet on the other hand for the one who is persecuted for righteousness sakes, for the one who really desires to live for God and comes across a stumbling block the greatest thing of all is to see here that God never forgets you.. and neither does Jesus.. this is a calling into account.. How will we, being influenced sometimes by parents who lived a certain way and it’s the only way we know..

A renewal of the mind.. being fully submitted to the spirit of God after repentance.. it’s not easy, but I believe it will be worth it when we get to spend eternity with Him!


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