Change of Perception is key!

Question #30 is unique within itself it goes a little something like this..

Matthew 26:10 ” But Jesus knew what had happened. He said ‘Why are you bothering this woman? She did a very good thing for me.’

Now everyone who has ever been to church knows this story, the scenery is Jesus in Simon the Lepers house for a party, the very last week of His life. He has just warned His disciples that in just 2 days the passover would be arriving and this would be without the shadow of a doubt His last passover before His crucifixion.

Why is Jesus so keen on making “Mary” right. (John’s gospel puts them at Mary’s house and not Simon the lepers, and calls her the one who pours the expensive oil on her feet.. However where they are is not nearly the point if we don’t look and see what is happening and why? The disciples… Became indignant. Not the Pharisees, not the Saduccees, but Jesus was being anointed for His death, and they did not even perceive that He just told them why what was happening was so precious. In God’s eyes what’s treasureable may not be treasure-able in the worlds eyes, even the church. 

It is very good for those of us who have been born again to have spiritual eyes about spiritual things therefore we can rightly discern the moving of God and not have to have our comments, thoughts and actions corrected by our Savior and soon coming King!


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