Prayer used to escape temptation

Question #32 “So, could you not pray with me one hour?”
Ok, Jesus could just as well be asking this question today and we would give Him the same sorry answers, I was soo sleepy, I couldn’t wake up before my day began to pray. I had no time to pray, my life was way too busy, with that job you gave me, those children you gave me, well you know I had to work on my garden in that beautiful home you gave me, my spouse wanted to have sex.. but I was on my way to pray. I felt too convicted. You name it we have excuses..

I want to get into the context of this before I talk about how vital prayer is. Prayer is one of the single most important things any and every believer should do every single day! Prayer links you up with an all powerful, never changing God who indeed fights for you. Come on, don’t you remember Moses, as long as his hands were up in intercession the battle Against the Amelakites was being won.. Don’t you remember Abraham praying in intercession for a city simply because his cousin was there and getting his cousin and his family spared..O dear there is true power in prayer. The bible says the prayers of the righteous avails much. If we read the promises in the bible, most of them are links to prayer but it is one of the most precious access keys we have to the throne of grace and we never use it.

Here in this story, Peter is being addressed. Jesus has already left 9 disciples further away, taken three just a little closer and expected more of them. Giving separate instructions.. In our lives there should be people we associate with but leave at a distance, there ought to be those we bring a little closer, and expose some private things to, but when we go before the throne, no one can really go for us, and as we see here when we expect others to pray with us and be praying for us as soon as we step away that cute little cliche; “I’ll be praying for you!” goes straight down the drain.

As I think of this scripture it is near and dear to me, you see Jesus said not only could you not pray with ME! It’s obvious they had prayed a little.. But He said could you not pray with Me for an hour.

Now the scripture only says Jesus said to God to let the cup pass and that He would accept God’s will, it took me all of 5 seconds to read that one verse in between, but it was an hour.. Agonizing before God in prayer.. Who ventures out in His presence long enough. We may go for one thing and that part might be mentioned but even Jesus prayer time was not classified.. Yet He was the Son of God.. If He was man/God enough to pray…. What about you and I?

You see in prayer was the key for Peter that’s why the bible says Jesus came to them and found THEM sleeping, but He addressed Peter specifically, because He knew through His own time with the Father that Peter was getting ready to be tested and go to temptation and sifting and the only way to over come that would have been to spend some real time in prayer.


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