There’s power in calling on the name of the Lord!

Q. 32. Matthew 26:53 ” Do you think I can not call on my Father, and He will not put at my disposal more than 12 legions of angels?”

Let’s speak for a moment on confidence in God’s love. Jesus was making a very bold statement now in this question, make no doubt about it. Jesus was saying to Peter that If He had chosen to call on the name of the Lord in prayer, He was certain God would send MORE THAN 12 legions of angels to help me. Legions are a group of 600 or more.

Jesus was pointing out that this was a spiritual battle, and it could easily be won through prayer. One thing He knew was the power in calling on the Name Of The Lord. How awesome is that that we could see such confidence in prayer.
This was first mentioned in Genesis 4:26, when men began to call on the name of the Lord. This is when everything started turning. You must understand, prayer is one of the things done least in churches today because the devil knows when we start praying revival happens.

maybe if prayer was taken more seriously than our next musical at church, not saying singing praises is bad, but if prayer was more important than even the sermon one night of the week. What would happen if we went to church not to hear the pastor but to seek for and hear the Lord? What if every one in the church prayed daily and heard from God themselves and everyone had a sermon they prepared from the words He had already given in their hearts.
Prayer is not only talking to God but hearing from Him. Jesus knew a lot of stuff that was getting ready to happen and could prophesy truth in a moment, because He was in connection with the Father and had a steady ear that listened and not only spoke.

Let’s consider the possibilities and some of the promises mentioned in scripture which were connected to prayer.
‘Whatsoever things you pray believe that you receive them and you will have them’


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