When character Speaks!

Question #34 Matthew 26:55 “Am I leading a rebellion that you come out with clubs and swords to capture me?”

 When I first read this question, I have to be honest, it was a little bit puzzling. Why would Jesus ask this question to the crowd that had come with Judas who betrayed Him, no doubt to arrest Him, because He is going to be crucified. I shuddered at the thought of picturing what was happening in this moment.

You know how sometimes you get this “Us against them” mentality, that’s how I felt about the disciples standing with Jesus on the one hand, like a little mob. But then a much bigger mob appears and indeed they are “Mob deep” They have spears, clubs and swords, and they have come for “my” Jesus!

Yet He is not afraid when He makes this statement, He boldly ask a question which I never heard the answer to by the way. I believe many questions Jesus ask was just to provoke thought to discern the intent of our own hearts..

This question was one of them.. What would it make you think about. Of course you must take into account that Jesus already knows everything that will happen to Him, He is the Word Made flesh, so He is everything that has been written or thought of by God. Jesus is Rhema in Himself.

Can you imagine, being in a position where you already know the outcome and although it means you will have to suffer, although it means you will be beat, no maybe, no might, you will be spit on and they will pierce your side!

Jesus knew what would take place, and He said all this was happening to fulfill the scripture.. But there must have been something about this moment the puzzled even Him..

Didn’t My Character Speak For ME! Why do you come out with weapons like your arresting some heinous criminal. No, I sat in your temples every day I was the one doing the teaching.. You saw me there.. Did you not see the life I lived? The people that followed me really are bonafide miracles, none of it is fake. Lazarus is still alive, and every one who walked away from me lame, blind, mute, paralyzed or crippled still see, hear, speak and walk today. I have healed all types of demon possessions, hadn’t you seen my resume and yet you come against me with clubs, as if I’m going to harm someone..

What can be said about our character?? Even though what must happen has already been spoken out of the mouth of God, if we have totally surrendered to His will.. Who can bring rightful charge against us. The only charge Jesus carried was the one us sinners laid on Him, so when they came to arrest Him, He was taking our place… Lord God, Let my character speak for me!


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