If you don’t quit you will win!

Question #34 was one of the most heart wrenching for me..
Matthew 27:46 “Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani? which means, (My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”
Has anyone ever felt forsaken?? I don’t mean any old forsaken, but by a loved one like a mother, or a father, or a best friend you had been with for years and years.. and suddenly it felt like they pulled back on you.. just backed out, and at a time you felt you needed them most..
The bible says darkness fell on the land from high noon the sixth to the ninth hour which was 3p… because God had indeed chosen to forsake Jesus.. All of His life He had walked in the presence of God, He only did what He heard or saw the Father doing and He was in effect the epitomy of who God is here on the earth.. And here, at this pivotal moment in His life.. He realizes God has left Him, and He can not feel His presence.. I want to tell You there is no worst place to be.

Jesus called out and asked God this question! Of course He knew the answer, but imagine that it was all for us. Doesn’t this speak to the character of God, to allow His perfect Son to suffer such a horrible death for us.. And Jesus.. the Son… Cries out… To be forsaken… is huge, on the one end, but to be forsaken in a time of pain and suffering is something totally different…

Jesus kept His course all the way til the end. He did not waiver or say anything sinful, He didn’t draw back, because He knew after the cross came the crown, because He knew if He only endured a little longer it would be done for all of us.. And He was too far along to give up and sin now.. But I want to say all that to say this.. He was forsaken so that we never have to be.. Ever thought of it that way!?


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