A Question of motive!

Question #36 of 100 that Jesus asked;

Mark 2:8 ” Immediately, Jesus knew in His spirit this is what they were thinking in their hearts, and said to them, Why are you thinking these things??”

Let’s first establish that Jesus is asking a question to scribes/religious leaders who never said anything, for the text explicitly states that He was discerning their thoughts. And let’s think for one second that God not only knows what we say, but He knows what we think and more than that He knows what’s in our thoughts… that is, what the motive is behind our thoughts.

Let’s take a moment to think that HE analyzing why we say what we say and knows every word we speak far before we fix our mouth to say it, simply because He knew what we were thinking.. Can we give praise to a God like that.. or would we simply run away, because if some of our thoughts were out in Time Square where all of our friends could see it, they would possibly join the ranks of our enemies.

Let’s say next that He asked this question because not only does He knows what the motive is behind our thoughts, but HE asked this question because He wanted them to know what the motive is..

Many of our thoughts would be cast out had they been forced to pass an interrogation to see and know where they came from!


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