This little light of Mine!

Q. 37 of 100  ” Is a lamp brought to be put under a basket, or under a bed rather than on a lamp-stand?”

Have you ever heard the song we often sing in church as children; “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine! Hide it under a bushel, No! I’m gonna let it shine. Jesus gave it to me, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it Shine. Let it Shine. Let it Shine!”
           A couple of years ago I was going through a small, very brief separation from my husband, and when I had moved into this little 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment with my children, I could tell immediately that everything was different. We were a long ways from home, meaning our comforts and what we were used to. One of the things I noticed immediately was that there were no light fixtures in any of the rooms, only light switches, and at first that didn’t seem to be much of a problem.. We normally do most of our duties before it gets dark, but daylight turned into night time and the television wasn’t doing the trick.. I then became angry because I tried to make it probably a day, and realized that I was knocking over things, bumping into things, because the kitchen light and restroom light can only beam so far..

Well, I believe this is sort of the picture Jesus had in mind when He asked this question.
When I realized that I needed illumination, I needed light in that apartment, I rushed out to Walmart and bought at least 3 lamps. Although lamps in our time and culture are a lot different than the oil lamps He spoke of, they served the same purpose.. To bring light.. There is a reason for a lamp, just like there is a reason for a light switch, we work best when we do what we were created to do.
Jesus makes an analogy… Would you and I buy a lamp to put it under a bowl, under a basket, under a bed… where it’s of no use and even if it’s on, no one can see it.. No! I bought those lamps and put them out in open and I didn’t care who saw them they were bringing light we needed when night time approached and I got home from work and needed to see as soon as I opened the door.
The word of GOD is that way, it was created for a purpose, to provide light to a dying and dark world. How do we let our lights shine? Well Jesus said; “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your “Good Works” and glorify your father in heaven” I think that makes it clean enough.. but we must look at the other side of good works being peace, and love, helping other in their time of need and being the beam on the job when others are skimming on time your honest and others can see your work ethics or with your children they can see your consistent joy.. We think now about that light being hidden.. as ridiculous as that may sound… Stubborness and outright disobedience to God’s word can hide the light He has given us by preventing us from doing the good we ought.. A big one is unforgiveness but we must always remember He has already given us all the help we need to be successful in drawing others in this dark world to Him by the power of His word!


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