The power of a faith that works!

Q. 38 of 100 that Jesus asked comes from Mark 5:30 “Who touched Me?”

This question was puzzling at first sight because when it happened Jesus was in a crowd of people and a lot of people were touching Him. However, it wasn’t learned that when we grab hold of Jesus in faith He has a demand placed on Him and must respond somehow!

In response to this pressing on the ladies part… In response the the pressing in response to faith, Jesus said she was healed. Isn’t it amazing, hundreds of people were in Jesus presence who possibly may have needed to be healed and were probably calling out all types of things to Him, but only the silent one who just touched Him was able to obtain and secure a healing.. Although that healing was not complete until she was called out and everyone else knew it..

Here’s the context… This woman, in this story, had an issue, she had suffered for 12 long years and life was constantly going out of her. She was missing things she could have and should have been enjoying, but when she heard Jesus was coming to town she grabbed hold of that word.. “He came that I might have life more abundantly” I could imagine she was saying within herself.. This issue is stealing from me life I could be living daily, it is literally killing her, she’s bent over and it’s destroying relationships she could rightly have with others.. And she decided in faith.. I will get to Him, and I will touch Him, because all I need is a touch.. All those other people might need Him to say something and speak a word and some might need Him to make His way to their house.. but I only need a touch, that what my faith says will make me whole.
I could imagine that on the end of His garment there were tassles, since the old testament spoke of God telling His people to wear tassles on the corners of their robe that represented the word of God.. and bell between them representing the fruit of the spirit.. With the Word we must show forth our works.. She didn’t only say within herself … She moved out and made it happen!

For Jesus, it just about seemed unexpected didn’t it.. She wasn’t in the agenda. He was on His way to Jairus’ house.. and here she comes out of no where touching His clothes and grabbing hold of Him in faith.. And He feels her grip.. She didn’t go unnoticed because of her faith!


My prayer is that we as believers live lives before Jesus that don’t go unnoticed..but that our faith will mix in with the word we received and we will get what was promised to us!


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