What will your response be?

Question 39 of 100 that Jesus asked is coming from Mark 5:39 “Why the commotion and weeping?”

       What was your first response when you saw this question. In context the story has been delayed and it is taking Jairus a great deal of faith to stand here believing. For even after he heard the news Jesus had to remind him to have faith and keep on believing..Isn’t that how it works out with us sometimes.. WE believe God pretty good in the beginning when we go to HIM about that situation that’s at the point of death.. But when we have gotten His attention and we think He will do something, and then we hear that the thing has still died.. What is our response??

After the woman with the issue, Jesus makes it to Jairus house and see all the “professional mourners” of the day! Jesus began to rebuke them in away for responding properly to a death.. Saying this particularly, this one was temporary.. I have a feeling the didn’t believe Him because they started laughing at Him and mocking Him and you know what they weren’t only laughing and mocking at Him but also at Jairus.. Jairus was the one who had went and called this guy who seemed unable to accept the circumstance as it is.. You see many people died in Israel, not many of them were raised, so in their eyes this guy was completely in denial!
But He was God nevertheless and Jairus said not a word… He only believed!
And he saw Jesus perform a miracle for him and his wife..

What have you believed God for that may have seemed to have died but Jesus said it’s not completely dead, because I have the power to raise it and I will.. What is your response?


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