Understanding is King!

Question 40 of 100 that Jesus asked and we must answer is coming from Mark 7:18

” Are you being willfully stupid”

I chose this morning to use the message translation although in the NASB it reads:
“Are you so lacking in understanding also?”

Have you ever been around someone who just seemed like they never quite got it? Perhaps it’s a co-worker, perhaps it’s you. I will openly confess sometimes it takes me a moment to catch on to something someone has said… So I can understand the feeling of the person who said it, fully comprehending it’s meaning wanting me to get it.. Thinking I was smart enough to catch on immediately.. when I was married sometimes my ex- husband would say things to me and then a minute later I would say..”Oh, I see” And he would say to me jokingly “5 minutes later!” LOL. We’ve all had moments like that when the meaning of a thing didn’t quite come across to us. This was one of those moments for Jesus’ disciples..He expected that they would understand the statement He had just made that nothing going into their body could make them unclean or defiled it was only what was coming out of them that made them defiled or unclean.. He said this on the heels of a confrontation with some Sadducees and Pharisees who had come to question Him about His disciples not keeping the “tradition of the elders” In their eyes what made a person clean was not disobeying or transgressing God’s commands but if you disobeyed the “traditions of the elders” well, you might as well be damned.. Condemned.. Done for.. You needed correction most definitely, and Jesus was explaining that spiritual living is far deeper than looking at outward things, for don’t the things that make us unclean come from our heart.. When we commit adultery as a people, it is coming from a deep seated place in our hearts, when we have malice in our heart toward someone it comes not from without but within and when we steal or lie to someone… When we cheat, or any other evil work such as jealousy never stems from what we are putting in us.. And Jesus expected the one’s who were walking with Him to at least understand that.. After all they were the ones being accused of .. “Not washing their hands carefully before eating” But they didn’t get it.. So what were they thinking when Jesus was confronted.. “Uh Oh, we messed up fellows, we should have washed our hands this time….” Were they being willfully stupid?? Were they just not seeing things the way they really were even though they followed Jesus day by day!
This is a very serious question because Jesus asked them I believed in a notion of anger, or frustration. He expects us to grasp certain things and when we have to come to Him to ask for understanding, sometimes He answers, but with a gentle rebuke.

Before I submit these question on the blog I take at least one day to mull over it.. To chew on it.. To look at it a few times and sometimes do some research, I interrogate the text, because I don’t want to be found dumbfounded as it relates to the text, but I don’t want to make the Lord look bad either, these are all commentary, my own opinion, I am just someone who loves the Lord, hoping to bless someone else through my faith.. but no matter how hard I want to… there is no way I can explain to you, something I never understand myself!!!!



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