Repetition is king!

Q. 42 of 100 that Jesus asked and you must answer…

Question 42 is coming from Mark 8:17-18 ” Do you not yet understand or comprehend? Are your hearts still hardened? Do you have eyes but still do no see and ears but do not hear?”

I know your probably thinking.. Did Jesus get amnesia? DIdn’t we just get this same question around 2 questions ago… Yes! But whenever Jesus repeats a thing, and this time He expounds on it, in two different scenarios we know then it is an important matter. The most important reason most people go to church is because they are too lazy to take time to pray and ask God to open up His word to them, but they expect the preacher to give them and “understanding” of the bible!

       When I was “littler”  than I am right now, I loved to read.. Any romance tale I could get my hands on I would read it and gather thoughts for my own little fantasy and I would sit and fantasize about what my “knight and shining armor” would be like..Yes! It can be quite a thrill to live on another cloud in an imagination, but I found out at some point that wasn’t true..

I started reading the bible when I was 17 years old.. And I remember the first day I got the full understanding.. I was reading the book of Matthew all in one day.. Just like one of my 200 page novels.. and it was quite a different type of love story.. it left me flabbergasted. I sat there in tears underneath that hair dryer that day. i could not believe such a great God would love me in such an awesome way.. and here I am.. all these years later, still reading and still left with an imagination..but this time it’s totally different.. I imagine all that God envisioned for me to be before the foundations of the world and it is bone chilling.. I sit awestruck at the lover of my soul all the time.. It’s like Reading a novel written directly to me and the lover is the Lord of all creation and He’s never left me..

    Let’s get back to the question.. Sorry I was side tracked there a moment!

When Jesus asked this question first He was asking it concerning the washing of hands and what makes a person unclean, however this time He is speaking of the disciples forgetting to bring bread and them being concerned about a comment He had made. Let’s break some things down for this time around so we can walk away with a better understanding.. This is Jesus talking to the disciples and He is asking them the same question for the second time, in more detail of course. Obviously, they didn’t answer the first time because it was too thought provoking so this time He ask to get the right answer of us in our hearts..

There are things that will happen in this life.. that truthfully if we really discerned them spiritually the things that bother us wouldn’t bother us and the things that make us happy would upset us..It’s amazing how deep spirit things are… Jesus wants us to take His hint today.. In our society when we are in college we study the material to remember for the test, but Jesus wants us to study His word so we may know and remember to live a productive and long life.


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