Interrogation with a cause!

Q. 43 of 100 will come from Mark 8:17-19 “How many wicker baskets full of leftover fragments did you pick up?”
      I could not skip the opportunity to paint this picture for you. Jesus is in the midst of an 8 question interrogation… I know, He’s always come across as this sweet, gentle savior who is so patient and kind. Yet at this point in the text we see another side of Him. He is not questioning His opponents as usual, who are there to question Him, as a matter of fact they have just departed asking Him about why His disciples don’t wash hands before they eat.. After all it is quite nasty to eat with your hands dirty, didn’t your mama teach you to wash your hands before you eat? But Jesus was making a point that whether you wash your hands are not won’t get you into heaven.

Jesus has made a comment to them that they don’t fully understand. Ever got a word from God and the good part was that you actually heard HIM speaking and the bad part was that you applied the wrong interpretation to it and totally missed where He was coming. No, this was not the sweet and gentle Jesus in this scene, this was the Jesus that wanted to know.. “Why in the world don’t you remember the baskets you just picked up that were leftovers” if you could remember what I just did you would have a better clue that I’m not talking about food when I say beware of the “leaven” The bible is full of words like these.. yeast and leaven and many more which are pictures of a deeper meaning like lies and wickedness.. This has to do with what is in the heart of the person you are dealing with and while Jesus is clearly saying to be on guard regarding your surroundings.. He is not talking about food at all, as they suppose.

When I was younger my mama always said to me.. “If you have a question, ask it, for there are no stupid questions.” Didn’t your teachers tell you that in school, sometimes when I used to go to bible study down in New Orleans the pastor would ask after the bible study was finished.. Any Questions about the text? (cause some people will have questions about something else and they can ask him after service) but he will imply that at that point questions can be answered.

Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher to explain what He means if you don’t fully understand the instruction, it’s better to understand the meaning of trigonometry than to actually sit for an SAT and fail because you didn’t understand the one category cause you never asked the right questions!


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