I can see clearly NOW

Question #44 of 100 Jesus asked and we need to answer is coming from Mark 8:23 “Do you see anything?”

This is a pivotal question. In these short 3 verses a miracle is recorded and Jesus only makes 2 statements to this man.. #1 was found in verse 23

The context is that.. Some people came up to Jesus, they were bringing a blind man to  Him in Bethsaida. Why is this important? Why do we need to know they brought the man to Jesus in Bethsaida, because Bethsaida was the place recorded in Matthew 11:21 as unbelieving. This place was a dry place that lacked faith, so Jesus pronounced a Woe over it. Bethsaida was where they were headed when they encountered the storm on the boat to prepare their faith as disciples. Let me tell you from the sounds of this Bethsaida was a rough place where people were shell like! Even after Jesus performed miracles there they were still unrepentant and would not believe.

But something strange happens here.. Jesus is asked to heal this Blind man… I want to get into the blindness for just a quick second and talk about how vital sight is. How important it is to be able to see. I’m sitting in a dark room now, it’s 5a and if it weren’t for the light from this computer I would have no clue what I was typing, I would trip over things and I would maybe hurt myself, I would be off balance and probably lose my equilibrium.. All because I don’t have the ability to see. I have a blind friend whom I visit with every once and awhile and let me tell you, it’s like having a third child when that person does not know the place they are and how to get around in it, they run into things and they harm other people because even though I wouldn’t be able to see turning the computer’s light off, the light in their body is darkness so whether it’s daylight or night.. it’s always night for them.. That’s a sorrowful thing.. This is what this man had faced.. Who knows how long, the bible does not give reference nor clue as to how long he had been blind but we do know he wanted to see, because the other people took him to Jesus so he could have his lights turned on.. Ever lived in a house with no electricity.. This man lived in a body with no electricity.. But he made it to Jesus!

And the thing that is pivotal here is that Jesus takes him OUT of the village… In Bethsaida.. Did you get the picture there? Before Jesus answers the people’s request there, He takes the blind man away and isolates him from what he is used to. Jesus simply hears what they say, and takes the man by the hand, and they see Him walk away with the man.. I wonder if anything is said while they are walking out of the village, I wonder if Jesus asked him how he was doing? How was his relationship with God? If he needed to repent of any sin? Nope, none of that is recorded in text.

But what we do know is this.. When they reached the outside of the village, Jesus used spit (with was very awkward) Normally, all it takes is a touch.. When Jesus was asked to raise the sick little girl He was only asked by Jairus to “touch” her, when people would simply touch Jesus from time to time healing would go out of them.

Not this time.. This time Jesus needed to use something that came from within Him, His own spit, just as He had done in the previous chapter verse 33 with the man’s ears…Now He used His saliva??? What is in saliva? It is the thing that helps us to swallow and aids digestion, but also in our spit we pass off who we are and what we have. Ever been wanting a taste of someone else’s food and as soon as they open that sucker they lick it and you say.. Nope, your germs are on in and unless I rinse off your saliva, a transfer will happen.. Whatever is in you will get in me.. So if you are sick, I will get sick, however on this occasion it was Jesus’ saliva, so I could imagine there was much more than germs in this.. Gross as it may sound.. He places His spit on the man’s eyes then He asks’ him a question. “Do you see?”

Sometimes some of us got saved a long time ago. We have already made the decision to trust Christ and have come up and had others lay their hands on us in Jesus name but nothing has changed.. This man had to have Jesus lay His hands twice.. Was the power in the first touch not potent enough, no I believe it was, but the faith of the man was being increased.. All he had to do was grab whiff of the fact that Jesus was real.. But he had to do it …Outside the village! Faith is developed in us all one way or another.. and for this man, it was developed with the second touch from Jesus when he could see clearly and his life was changed forever.. But this #2 statement was the kicker.. It was the pivotal one..

Don’t go back to where you came from! When I heal you, Jesus says.. When I’ve taken you away from what you’ve been used to around a whole bunch of unbelievers and choose to make a believer out of you for one reason or another.. Don’t go back around the people who were with you when you couldn’t see, remember… always remember… their unbelief didn’t heal you and the bible never quoted them as your “friends”


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