When we still don’t get it!

Q. 45 of 100 that Jesus asked and we must answer!

Mark 9:33 “What were you arguing about on the way?”

Ok, I have to be honest enough to confess this question was a relief..Because it means that a lot of other regular humans are not crazy! It’s just normal and it happened to the best of us who walked with Jesus and spoke with Him daily face to face!

Sometimes we argue about the most petty things as human beings don’t you agree.. Yet we will get into arguments that have nothing to do with what’s going to happen from one day to the next and we fully engage so much to a point where sometimes a person is killed over shoes, or over a car, or sometimes over someone being jealous of someone else.. Well, hasn’t this been occurring since the beginning.. And we are still arguing about the same things right!?

In the context of this question Jesus has just told His disciples that He is getting ready to be handed over to men, and that He will be crucified and because the bible says they did not understand a word He said they went on to have an argument about something that was truly trivial!
Who would be the greatest in the kingdom..

Isn’t that just like us.. We may have took that one directly from satan.. Seeking position.. It comes from the pits of hell.. Don’t you know God tells us very clearly to esteem others higher than ourselves.. but when?? When do we ever hear some disciples of Christ talking about.. Girl, Boy, you are going to be looking sweet in the kingdom of God one day when we live together forever… I don’t care who sits where or if your mansion is bigger than mine.. All I care about is seeing Jesus face to face.. Are we all going to see Him.. Am I going to be able to climb into His lap, hug and kiss Him and tell Him I love Him as He sits at the right hand of the Father…

Here we have Jesus.. The Lamb of God.. who takes away the sins of the world, make a confession, He takes great caution to make sue no one else is around and because they lacked understanding and were too afraid to ask they didn’t allow themselves to feel what He had just said.. Why didn’t they at least say.. “Well Jesus we don’t want You to have to die, because we love You and we want You to stay with us?? Can You explain the Holy Spirit to us?” There are many things we could say when we don’t understand..

I’m currently taking Anatomy and Physiology, after not taking a science course in years this class is one of those things.. Where you feel like you are seriously learning another language.. it’s like speaking greek.. and it took a lot for me to contact my professor, swallow my pride and say to her.. Hey, I’m struggling, and I need help… Will you please help me somehow? I don’t think she was offended at my asking more than she would have been at me flunking her class never saying anything, she answered willingly and even on a Sunday to help me to understand better what was needed in her course.. and did not give me any inclination I should withdraw or give up, but indeed it would be time and effort that bought about result in this course!
Jesus had just said He was getting ready to die and be raised on the 3rd day and the best they could come up to discuss was
Whose the greatest in the kingdom.. JESUS! For Christ sakes.. JESUS is the Greatest in the kingdom.. You know with Your sinful self you don’t deserve anything from God.. Why don’t we spend more time exalting Jesus today more than what we want to see happen for us!


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