What is Saltiness?

Q. 46 of 100 is coming from Mark 9:50 “Salt is good. But if it no longer taste like salt, how can it be made salty again?”

This is a very good question.. It’s almost like asking if rain loses it’s wetness, how can you make it wet again.. but not quite as complicated..

Do you know anyone over the age of 1 that has never tasted salt? I have yet to meet a person that is even allergic to salt. Most of the time it’s used either to season or preserve food. Salt is a great staple to have and I don’t know many households that don’t have a container filled with salt for one reason or another, because salt can also be good for wounds at times.. In other words it’s one of those condiments you can use in more than one thing.. Very Useful Right? It’s so useful in water….. Salt Water comes about or sea water.. and what about the famous…..”Salt Lake City” Yes!!!

When we think about salt many things come to our minds.. But Jesus brings up salt because He is making a point that we are the one thing that is needed in the world. Truth be told, the christian is the only hope for the world, being the hands and feet of Jesus, the one’s HE delegated and gave the great commission. God has called us to be light bearers.. Now imagine this with me.. In the old testament when they would offer sacrifices they had to have two things in all of them.. #1. Salt. #2. Fire…Let’s look at this text and see how it relates. Jesus Said everyone will be salted with fire… Meaning everyone will have their share of test and hardship, but what will your determine about you? Will you allow it to make you lose your salty taste which has power to preserve this world… or will it cause you to be consumed with fire in that place He talked about so vividly just before this text.

I wish I could dig into what was talked about right before this.. “The Smell of sin the fresh air of grace” would do me great justice in these verses.. But I can’t cause I’m already going on too far..

What does Jesus mean, If you lose your saltiness, how can you be salted again? Ok, say for instance you meet an unbeliever and you are trying to lead them to Christ…. But they make fun of your God, your faith.. And whatever you value and they even talk about yo’ mama… Well, you put your bible down and you show them whose boss.. Why? cause you ain’t no wimp! And what just happens… In that persons life and probably everyone else that saw this fight break out.. You have just lost your ability to bring them to Christ..Because you have nothing about you in their sight that makes them hungry for Him.

As we clothe ourselves in righteousness, a pure heart and clean hands, we have the ability to show forth fruit consistently that make me crave for our Jesus.. Let’s be salt and let’s not lose our saltiness/godliness!


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