What did Moses Say!

Q. 46 of 100 that Jesus asked and we must answer! Mark 10:3 “What did Moses command you?”

This particular discussion in this context is a very touchy place for me.. Having been a christian many years, married to another believer in the same faith, I experienced divorce.. It didn’t matter how hard I fought, what I tried to do to keep him, the marriage failed and I ended up raising my children alone.. So when you talk about a single mother who feels what other single mothers feel “injustice” when we look at text like this.. That’s the voice you will hear speaking to you on today!

In this particular context Jesus has been confronted by some Pharisees who are clawing at Him about His replete wisdom about everything… They want to test Him, wanting to see if He lines up.. And He does… every-time, over and beyond what they expect.. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes we could read things and get something totally different out of it than what God said.. that’s how you can have 10 people in a room, all with the same experience, all with a different opinion, sometimes seeing from a different angle , sometimes perceiving something totally other than what was meant, however both staking their life on being right.. That’s how we get religions today that will condone divorce and that will say it’s okay to steal/ embezzle.. Hey I know I’m not talking about anyone’s church reading this blog.. But, stuff like this happens!
When Jesus confronted about the marriage issue, He probes to see if there was any true understanding by what was first written.. Of course they jumped to context of Deuteronomy and said well.. This is what Moses said specifically about this issue.. But the truth was.. Jesus took them back to a further context written by Moses after all Moses did not only write Deuteronomy, he wrote Genesis too… So we see a dynamic going on where Jesus makes a point that this was not Moses original teaching about marriage that would be found in Genesis 2 had they not read it or did they just want to fix scripture where it would work for them…
Here’s where we go wrong, when we start applying scripture the way we want it in our own interpretation, when the word is not up to private interpretation.. It is only interpreted by the Spirit of the Living God.. He alone can allow grace to rightly divide His word!


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