A new place of Worship

Q 48 of 100 ” Do you see these great buildings? Jesus replied. Not one stone here will be left on another, everyone will be thrown down.”
Now let’s begin at the obvious beginning of this context vs 1. Jesus has just left the temple with His disciples, and one of them were saying to Him…. “Look how beautiful these buildings are Jesus!” I could imagine they stood astonished pondering on the beauty of the stones in the place of worship. You know Herod had built that building several years before and He prided Himself on building the temple not to glorify God so the people could worship but to make it an attractive building to look at! And Jesus was clearly making one claim.. Whatever is not done for the sake of the Kingdom will not last.

I have been to quite a few churches in my life, and most of them, if not all, had some form of building from going on.. They always NEED more space or a more beautiful building.. They always NEED to make it bigger because the kingdom of God is somehow glorified by how big your place of worship is. Jesus was saying in all essence, this is not true worship of Him.. Granted you should have vision and goals if you are a pastor for a new and improved better place to worship if your current place has become unmanageable. If the place you have has literally fallen through the floor, I think it might be wise to try and upgrade your facility but be careful that it is not for the same Reason Herod wanted to rebuild the temple..You see just a few years later the Romans invaded and they totally destroyed it.. That beautiful building they thought would stand forever.. was in complete ruins and the place of worship for the Jews because house to house in the book of Acts.. You know God didn’t have a problem with house worship either, in the early church after the resurrection there was no beautiful sanctuary but they went from house to house daily, breaking bread, encouraging each other in the Lord and sharing the good news about His word with each other.. Not Nowadays.. If you can’t see the lead pastor at the church, you can’t see him at all… It’s not personal… He’s just got a job to do.. See I think this is what Jesus did not mean by big church buildings with no connection with people..


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