The Necessity of Prayer!

Q. 48 of 100 which Jesus asked.. Mark 14:37 ” Simon, are you asleep? Could you not watch one hour?”

Now this question is one of those that have ramifications. There is a power in prayer that I believe many do not comprehend. In case you don’t remember the context of this question, it is right after Peter has just finished saying that he would never deny Jesus and would even do to death for HIM.. What Peter didn’t realize is although the spirit may be willing to do great exploits for God the flesh is weak, and unless we can prioritize spending time in prayer daily we will miss it every time. Jesus makes a statement to Peter after He asked him if he was asleep, could you not pray for an hour? He said “watch and pray that you may not enter into temptation!” God knew this boy wasn’t going to have His back because he had no ability to pray strong enough.

What if we had revivals of our church of prayer one night a week for a full hour, or what if we had time at our churches where 2 times a year the pastor or leader would dedicate 21 days not only to giving up foods that are delicious and sweet, but to prayer for 1 hour a day! I wonder if we would see more victory if we would simply pray along with the giving up of the food..

Let’s realize the power in prayer, it links us up with a God who is all powerful, who is ever present, yet we find time to do everything else.. The days are just to short and we are just way too busy.. I wonder if we would see more victory over temptation if we all made a radical decision to dedicate one hour of our lives to prayer each and every day along with reading the word and fasting… What a joy there would be in the body of Christ.. I’m convinced of it!

Joy Unspeakable!

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