Known By Events

Q. 50 of 100 Lk. 2:49 “Why were you looking for me? Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s House?”

This question seems to throw you for a loop at first but when you truly think of it it’s right in order. Jesus has come from Galilee and gone up to Jerusalem for a feast.. He is left behind, and when His parents finally realize their 12 year old Son is missing, can you imagine them looking everywhere frantically… Now this is the only time we hear anything about Jesus from His birth to 12 years of age and some people say at that age in that culture He was considered a man. Nevertheless He was 12 and His parents thought He was with them. I wonder if this was their last resort and this is why Jesus said.. Why did you even have to look for me?In other words; you should have known by inclination where I was by who I am!

I would imagine Mary and Joseph remembered the experience when He was a child and they ran into Simeon and Anna in that same temple.. I can imagine that each time Mary when there she was still treasuring that in her heart… That event was a life changing one. And on top of that, I seriously doubt Jesus was a normal child. I don’t think there were absolutely no signs of Divinity, for He did not just become God/Man at 30… He was it…. All Along.. The Son of God..He was completely holy which means set apart. They should have been able them to pull this from who His character and the events of His life and Mary’s pregnancy has shown them.
What does my character tell you about me? What does my lifestyle tell you, when you wonder, where would she be? Would you first look at the church, or in the club? WE are all known to others by the way we show them what’s in our hearts from our actions… What is your behavior depicting about you?


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