Obedience is still a Requirement!

Q. 52 of 100 ” And why do  you call me Lord, Lord, and do not do the things I say?”

On yesterday I was reading a bible story to my children as we got ready to leave for school and work… often times I love to read bible stories from the children’s bible because there are always pictures that will show you exactly what they are saying and sometimes I can be very visual… In this story, there was a man, he was a skinny little man, and he was doing something… He was building something, and the only way we knew what it was is that the story said… He’s building a house… All we saw was someone working, we didn’t know what the foundation looked like.. and the story says that when he completed his building project, a storm came. Striking to me was that no storm came while he was building, but it did note he wanted to build quickly! So, because of the wind and waves from this one major storm, his house was shattered.. It was tossed, it simply blew away.. it was destroyed! And we didn’t know why? What was the cause of that breakdown? The story was almost puzzling if we would have stopped at that point, but then there is a parallel in the story, Jesus puts another man along side him, the men looked exactly the same, it’s just that one is making a different decision.. They are both building, but there is a pivotal difference in the decision the second man makes because he decided to build his house on a solid foundation, he wasn’t trying to build quickly but was taking his time to dig deep, and even if it meant extra labor he was determined he was not going to build something that would not stand..he was going to build on a rock.. He figured that if he was going to build anything, shouldn’t it be worth it that the thing can stand through the vicissitudes of what life would bring.

The key was storms came to both of them. We lose loved ones, we go through financial crisis, the government shuts down.. We have issues with our children and in our marriages.. There are certain things in our health that may be unavoidable…  Yet only one house stood, the one that was built on a solid and firm foundation.

Many times in our society today, we see people giving up, the suicide rate is at an all time high.. and let’s be realistic in our day people are turning to crack more than Christ! But let the truth be known there is a remedy.. For the truth is even in the church, we could see people, that includes pastors, who serve faithfully every week, but Jesus is not Lord of their lives.. They appear one way on Sunday for a quick couple of hours, but we know nothing about who they are afterwards.. We can see that they are building something, they could be building their first home, and that’s the most important thing tp them not making Jesus Lord.. Building a career and that’s the main priority of life for them, building a marriage and that’s the sole purpose of life nothing else matters to them. Some people see the alarming obesity rate and decide the most important thing for them is to maintain a weight that is under the bar.. so they would have more quality of life. The person Could even be building a church, we build many things in our lifetimes but we must remember that in the story with the first man we didn’t have a clue what he was building and it looked like the other houses when he was don, but we didn’t have a clue that what he was  building was on sand because he have not submitted to Jesus Lordship. Jesus is saying here that if we simply accept Him and do not take the time out to do what He has told us to do, required and commanded us to do, first of all we are not really His, and secondly, our lives will not stand the test or storms that will come… We will not have what it takes to make it through that storm of life.. I know you say what does making Jesus Lord of my life have to do with making it through the vicissitudes of life.. I would have to say… Making Jesus your Personal Lord and Savior has everything to do with how you will get through this life and how you will live in the next! However, if you accept Him and don’t truly let Him have complete control, if He still doesn’t call the shots and your decisions are still not made based on His word I have to warn you, you may look like your building well on the outside.. but the inside.. well…a storm is coming! BE READY!


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