The power of Faith!

Q. 52 of 100 Jesus asked and we must answer ” Where is your faith?”

Faith makes the list doesn’t it?? Of the 3 things that are to remain after everything else fails… But faith without something to hope in.. Meaning faith based on something we could see is no faith at all. I used to hear people say things like: “Crazy faith, or Faith that don’t make no sense” When I see people believing in faith for a new church building to be built, or for a spouse. We can find people having faith for and in many things, places and things. Basic faith is needed when I simply sit in my car, and turn the key in the ignition.. Do you realize that just because you started this day doesn’t mean you will end it.. We can have a faith to see the end of this year, to have favor on our jobs or that our children will love the Lord and not turn to bad things instead.

I want to write today about the power of faith! It’s a very powerful subject, although not being greater than Love..Jesus and His disciples find themselves on a boat. It’s absolutely hilarious each time I read that Jesus is absolutely asleep.. Because it shows me stark contrast between what faith does in a storm and what frantic panicking can do … If you ever look for the thing Jesus requires in the midst of a test, just watch what His response is..He is on the boat after all!

Here’s the context… After getting into a boat with His disciples, Jesus only says one statement “Let us go over to the other side”…. What happens next is sheer obedience.. They launch out. I know I talked last time about what the disciples did and how that made all the difference but this time I want to focus in on this word… Faith.. How powerful is it??

Faith is this… It is the substance of the thing we hope for an the evidence of the thing we do not see.. So do you get the picture… Faith would be, in the midst of this storm or test saying within myself.. Even though the statement Jesus made was very short, I realize even the shortest statements coming from His mouth have power to bring about drastic change and if He told us to go over to the other side, I trust Him enough to know that He knew there would be a storm.. And even if we happen to die in this storm.. At least we have Jesus on the boat with us..

I want to ask you a simple question as I close….”Is Jesus being on the boat enough for you?” I’m ministering to myself here.. Sometimes We see Him doing miraculous things over here and over there and we just forget all about those times the next time we get in a bind.. Are you bold enough to say like me today.. This day I will be ready for whatever storm, cause I’ve spent time in prayer and the word building my faith muscles, I have some endurance.. And I trust that whatever test He tosses my way, He knows I am already prepared enough to handle it and though He slay me or test me, Yet will I trust Him, have faith in Him and because of this I will come out as pure gold!


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